Coccyx comfort seat wedge, lumbar support cushion


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With its gently angled line to rotate the pelvis and reduce lower back strain and it’s coccyx relief channel this cushion helps prevent soreness and fatigue associated with sitting for long periods of time. While being firm enough to provide support, it is soft enough to be comfortable.

With its light weight breathable cover it’s great for the car, home or office. It has a non-slip rubber backing to keep the cushion from sliding, and is machine washable.

Additional information


The cushion is approximately 6cm thick, 38cm in length and 45cm at its widest point.

1) Anti-slip rubber base
2) Cover unzips for easy cleaning
3) Suitable for the car, office, home and garden
4) Firm enough to support but soft enough to be comfortable
5) Coccyx relief channel cut out for injured coccyx
6) Angled to rotate the pelvis and reduce lower back strain